Video shows teen throwing whiskey bottle at van, hitting 10-year-old boy

Police are searching for a teen they say is responsible for injuring a 10-year-old after tossing a whiskey bottle at a passing van, striking the victim in the head.

"This street is not safe, especially at night time," the victim's father told FOX 29.

The father is speaking out after his son was hit in the head with a Jack Daniels bottle, which crashed through the window of their van on the 600 block of Lindley Avenue on Thursday.

"That child had an abrasion--significant abrasion on the right side of his head--and cuts as a result of the glass shattering," Northwest Detectives Captain Malachi Jones said.

The victim was with his mother on their way to the park, but raced to the hospital instead with the bottle and glass all over the inside of the van. Investigators say one of the suspects captured in surveillance footage threw something else at another car a short time earlier.

"We believe that anybody who knows these individuals would be able to identify them whether family members, friends, neighbors," Captain Jones said.

Police believe the teens are from the neighborhood, and the victim's father wants their parents to step up.