Video shows bull attacking woman on beach near Cabo San Lucas

Wild cellphone video shows a bull attacking a woman on a beach in Mexico.

Video posted to Storyful shows a bull eating or grabbing something from a bag the woman was holding under a canopy. A few minutes later, the woman moves and the bull follows her. The bull went towards her bags, which were placed on the sand. As the bull digs through the bags, the woman attempts to pick them up. 

One person on the beach can be heard yelling "please don't do that" and "lady please get away, you're not doing us any favor."

But determined, the woman goes back to the bull and tries to pick up her bags again. As she turns her back on the bull, appearing to give up on retrieving the bags, the bull charges toward her, attacking. 

People on the beach can be heard screaming "get away" as many tourists watched in horror. 


"You are really playing with it right now. Please don’t do that," another beachgoer can be heard yelling in the video. 

As the woman was on the ground, the bull continued to attack her, knocking her over several times. 

After a few seconds, the bull stopped and people shouted "don't move" as the woman laid in the fetal position on the sand.  

The horrific attack happened May 11 near Cabo San Lucas, a popular resort town in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.

The extent of the woman's injuries is not known. 

The beach’s proximity to ranches make close encounters with livestock a common occurrence in the area, an official from the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone told local outlet El Sudcaliforniano.