VIDEO: Rancho Cucamonga home torched, arsonist returns for more

A woman walks up to a Rancho Cucamonga home and appears to try and light it on fire....and it's all caught on camera.

She lit a chair a couple feet from the front door on fire and ran away as it went up in flames.

The family sleeping inside the home on Haven and Lemon Ave at the time was too shaken to speak. But a relative told us exactly what cameras captured.

"She comes up to the house, stops at my sister in laws car, then proceeds to walk up out of her side bag, pulls out a gas can, comes up to the house, pours gas from the front door, along the wall, along the driveway, then gets matches out tries to light, nothing was really lighting until the corner right here. then she takes off and leaves," said a relative.

She came back twenty minutes later, possibly realizing the house didn't catch fire.

"Come up, tries to light the fire again, pours more gasoline -nothing was happening - that's when she lights the chair and she looks up at the camera, a little smirk, and then walks down and walks away," said the relative.

This time, flames jut out from the chair -- feet away from where one family member was fast asleep.

"When she came back again, she came up tried to light the paper again and that's when she hit the chair, did a little smirk smile, lit and walked off nonchalantly," said the relative.

The homeowners tell us they don't know who she is, but hope someone does....fearing she may have been she may have been intentionally trying to hurt someone.

"It's nerve-wracking. Just in the video, it's very creepy. She came here. She didn't go. There were no other houses, no other reports. She came up here for a reason," said the relative.

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