Video of Yucaipa High students brawl creating controversy

It's a jaw-dropping video of two Yucaipa High students now creating a social media storm.

A student approaches another kid walking by himself, and punches him.

The person capturing the video is a few feet away, but you can hear the blow, and the sound of his body dropping.

Other students were shocked to hear of the incident and reports the student was new to the school.

"He was new, so why would you do that. He's obviously doesn't know anyone around," says Jeanine Soriano, a Yucaipa High School student.

The school district's superintendent Cali Brinks confirms the incident happened last week.

Brinks says the Yucaipa Police Dept is handling the investigation.

This is at least the third controversial story out of the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District in recent months.

In February- FOX11 reported on a brawl at Park View Middle School where both families claiming the school hadn't done enough to stop incidents from escalating

And in a different, very tragic incident the Avila family is mourning their daughter Rosie's death by suicide.

She kept a journal detailing the bullying she went through at Mesa View Middle School. The parents say, it was ignored.

While we don't know if the latest incident is actually a case of bullying-- students say the problem is bigger than just Yucaipa.

"I think millennials are just so tied into social media and the norms and everything and to fit in with society it just causes people like depression is a big thing it's hard on younger generations," said Soriano.

San Bernardino Sheriff Deputies say the suspect will get a citation for battery and he will have to appear in court. It will be up to the school district to decide if he will be suspended or expelled.

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