Video captures parents brawling at Granada Hills middle school

A fight between two middle school parents in front of shocked students was caught on cell phone video at Robert Frost Middle School in the Granada Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. 

The brawl broke out in the quad area afterschool. 

The school is located near the intersection of Nugent Drive and Bradford Place. 

Witnesses said the two men were yelling at one another before the two engaged in a fistfight. 

Stunned students watched the fight and some even attempted to break it up. 

The men both have daughters who attend the school and could be related. The daughters are friends and allegedly had some sort of dispute when the dads became involved, a witness said. 

Police were called to the school and no arrests were made.

The incident was confirmed by the school's principal who said additional security would be on campus Tuesday. 

It is unknown what disciplinary action the two men will face.