VIDEO: Brutal beating of special education student caught on camera in Long Beach

Cell phone video that recently surfaced captured the brutal beating of a special-education student in Long Beach.

The attack happened last Wednesday at E. 16th Street and Long Beach Boulevard, near the Poly Academy of Achievers and Leaders, authorities said.

The video appeared to show a group of boys knocking the male student to the ground, before repeatedly kicking and punching him as he tries to shield himself from the blows.

The Long Beach Post spoke to the mother of the alleged student, who said that the group behind the attack asked her son where he was from, which is known in the streets of Los Angeles as a lethal gang challenge about gang affiliations and is often asked before shootings or beatings.

The victim's mother believes that her African-American son was targeted because of the color of his skin, and claims that the attackers were Latino.

The Long Beach Police Department said officers responded to an area hospital on Wednesday following reports of the beating. Police said they were investigating the incident as gang-related.

The victim reportedly suffered bruises, scrapes, and a torn eardrum.

The victim's mother told the Post that similar attacks happened to other students on Thursday and Friday, raising concerns for parents in the area.

"To further ensure the safety of students, LBPD made contact with Board of Education security officers and coordinated visible patrols in the area before and after school," the LBPD said in a statement to FOX 11 News. "Officers are working closely with the Board of Education security officers and school staff to identify the suspects."

In reference to the other alleged attacks, LBPD said, "While there may have only been one incident reported, that doesn't mean that other incidents didn't happen."

"Posting a video or status update on social media should not be a substitute for reporting an incident to the police. If an incident is not reported, our department cannot investigate the incident to create a safer environment for our students and community," LBPD said. "We remind you that if you 'See Something, Say Something' and urge you to report suspicious activity by calling 562435-6711 or 9-1-1 in case of emergency."

At this time, no arrests have been made.