VIDEO: Black bear strolls down Monrovia sidewalk

A black bear was caught on camera taking a stroll down a sidewalk in Monrovia last week. 

Irena Mlynar said she saw the bear while she was driving through Monrovia on Tuesday, May 31. She said that she wasn't sure why the cars in front of her were slowing down. That's when she saw the bear walking down the sidewalk. 

It's not clear exactly where in Monrovia the bear was spotted, but Mlynar says others have told her they've seen the same bear in the area, sometimes with cubs in tow. 

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According to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife, California is home to between 30,000 and 40,000 black bears, with their habitat ranging the length of the state. Experts say that bears wandering into town this time of year isn't uncommon. The bears are hungry after their months-long hibernation and attracted to the smells of food.

Experts say one way to keep the animals away from your stuff is to invest in bear-proof garbage containers, and not putting your trash on the curb until trash day.