VIDEO: Bear spotted in Chatsworth

Well hello there!

A bear seems to have made itself at home in a Chatsworth neighborhood and one homeowner captured some of its antics on video.

Dr. Alon Antebi told FOX 11 the bear has wandered the neighborhood since Labor Day.

The bear was seen cooling off in the pool and even hopping into the jacuzzi. 

But Dr. Antebi says the bear also raids their outdoor kitchen and spills beer from the fridge. 

There's also concern that the bear is getting more aggressive.  

"Yesterday we were having morning coffee and he came up literally three feet away from our glass door, our dogs started barking so he ran off, went into the pool, then jumped the fence."

Animal control has told Dr. Antebi since he lives in the bear's natural habitat there's not much they can do unless the bear becomes more aggressive.