Video: 81-year-old woman carjacked while handing out meals to the homeless

A suspect was arrested after carjacking an 81-year-old woman who was handing out meals to the homeless in a grocery store parking lot in Redlands. 

The carjacking happened at the Stater Bros. store on E. Colton Avenue Monday afternoon. 

Nina Steinman, who goes by "Sister Nina," was feeding the homeless near the market when a homeless man stole her keys off the serving table and jumped into the driver's seat of her 2015 silver Kia Sportage and took off. 

Steinman tried to stop him, but she was knocked down as he backed out and took off, video shows. 

Redlands detectives helped catch and arrest 24-year-old Roberto Carlos Sanchez Jr., who they say is a transient out of LA.  

LAPD Newton officers spotted the stolen SUV in a parking structure and Sanchez in the driver seat and cuffed him. Steinman is happy to have her car back along with her belongings.