Veteran's therapy dog missing following car crash

The family of a 20-year Navy veteran is in search of a therapy dog that ran from the scene of a crash on Interstate 4 in Volusia County on Sunday.

The black and white Maltese-Papillon mix, named Luna, fled after rescue workers cut open the vehicle to get her owner, retired veteran Jose Castellon, out of the car and to safety. Castellon, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2016, was hospitalized after Sunday's crash.

"He got into a car accident. He doesn't remember anything about it," said Jose's sister-in-law, Zoraida Castellon. "Only thing he remembers is when the first responders got there and they were taking him out of the car."

The decorated sailor, who has served multiple tours overseas, is undergoing surgery; however, his biggest concern has been Lune.

"He's been asking for her for the last couple of days," Castellon said. "He's doing good, but I think he's more depressed about his dog. He cares about getting better."

Luna has a microchip and the family has called local rescues, humane societies and veterinarians with no luck. If anyone has seen Luna or has any information on her location, please contact authorities or your local animal shelter.