Ventura residents run out of sandbags during big storm

Many residents of Ventura County spent the day filling sand bags and stacking them around their homes.They're worried about mudslides and debris flows following the massive Thomas fire.

You don't miss them till you can't find them. That was the case for Ventura Resident Jen Mowad.

Like many others Mowad couldn't find sandbags this morning telling FOX 11 News the city of Ventura ran out Sunday night.

A firefighter at a local station told us the same thing just moments after a big truck dumped 1000 pre-filled bags that locals immediately started to grab. Ventura County has a sandbagging machine where they can pre-fill. But, for some locations that got sand by midday, like Poinsettia Pavilion, it came in deliveries that looked like small mountains.

The run on sandbags was an example of just how concerned some in this coastal city feel as a big storms moves their way.

Authorities say stay alert!

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