Ventura horse ranch devastated by winter storms; Program in need of help

It’s hard to describe the extent of damage to the horse ranch where the equine therapy program Reins of Hope in Ventura has run its program for years. 

Located near the Ventura River, they were overtaken by mud and debris when the river crested during the last rains. Luckily, they had moved the horses out, fearing that the saturated ground would be too dangerous to move trailers if things got bad – which they did.

The ranch is covered in feet of mud, trailers and tack rooms are barely recognizable. But the horses are OK, which was the most important thing for the many at-risk youth and military veterans the program helps.

But there is no way they can go back to that property, and they are looking for a place to house their horses and run their programs. which is not as easy as it may sound. They have been offered space in nearby properties, but they need to be zoned for horses and the equestrian work they do. 

Those looking to help can click here for more information.