Valerie is a chill, ambitious teen who would love a forever family

Valerie (b. July 2008) is a calm and quiet teen in foster care exploring the possibility of finding an adoptive family.

Valerie might come across as reserved at first, but once she grows more comfortable she becomes more fun-loving and engaging in conversation. Valerie likes the outdoors and participating in outdoor activities such as nature walks, hikes or going to the beach. Her creative side draws her towards exploring cosmetology as a career, so we brought Valerie to the Park Place Medi-Spa in Lincoln Heights to get a facial treatment and witness the dimensions of an esthetician in action.

Valerie tells us she also enjoys going shopping or to the movies with her friends or going to the arcade to play games and perhaps winning favorite prizes like Hello Kitty items or other plushies. And for an all-day outing, Valerie is down for going to a theme park. When she’s just chilling at home, Valerie is likely to be found drawing or cooking – and possibly singing some song as she does. She also likes math and says her mind works logically that way and that she learns new equations quickly. And true to her entrepreneurial spirit, Valerie aspires to be a cosmetologist when she grows up and open up her own salon – envisioning it as a one-stop shop for all beauty services. Valerie can see herself first pursuing a degree in business, with a possible minor in psychology.

Valerie wants to take it slow in finding a good fit when it comes to a permanent adoptive family and does not want to jump into a next placement. She wants a safe space to accomplish goals steadily without disruption. Valerie has three siblings with whom she maintains contact and would like an adoptive family that supports these relationships. To learn more about Valerie, tune into Wednesday’s Child and then give us a call at 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).

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