Unlikely Friendships: Pit bulls 'adopt' 3 blind cats

They make up an usual band of friends, but two pit bulls have taken to three blind cats, providing them with some much needed TLC.

Sherry Stewart is a volunteer at the Faithful Friends Society animal shelter in Delaware and has fostered more than 80 animals.

After a 7-year-old cat named Helen and 10-week-old sibling kittens, Bruce and Willis, came into the shelter, Stewart eventually stepped in to bring the animals into her home.

The three cats had health problems: Helen had severe glaucoma, Bruce and Willis' eyes were ulcerated, protruding and infected.

All three underwent surgery and had both their eyes removed.

But following their surgeries, the cats had a difficult time adjusting without the use of their eyes.

All three ended up at Stewart's home for foster care, where special bonds were formed.

Stewart has two rescue pit-bulls who immediately took to the cats.

The dogs, Alfie and Frankie are said to be mild-mannered and nurturing and have taken the role of "surrogate moms," according to Stewart.

Stewart says the dogs' affection toward the cats have really helped the felines thrive.

Frankie enjoys licking and snuggling with the cats.

Stewart says Bruce has become very comfortable around the dogs and even naps on Alfie's back.

Willis, who was initially shy and reserved, has come out of his shell, thanks to the TLC he's received from the dogs, Stewart said.