Unionized exotic dancers at North Hollywood club stage strike

The Star Garden dancers in North Hollywood were scheduled to strike this weekend to protest alleged violations of federal labor laws by the club owner.

This comes seven months after the dancers at the Star Garden Topless Dive Bar unanimously decided to become the nation's only unionized strippers. The club dancers are now planning to go on strike to address these unfair labor practices. The strike is scheduled to last for the weekend beginning Friday, Dec. 8, during which the dancers aim to demonstrate to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that the club owner is negotiating in bad faith. 

The dancers have cited the implementation of new rules that have made their workplace extremely challenging and, in some cases, impossible to perform their jobs. These rules have made working conditions intolerable, leading them to take this labor strike action. The purpose of the strike is to highlight the club owner's alleged violations of federal labor laws and to prove to the NLRB that the negotiations were not conducted in good faith.


Some dancers told FOX 11 that management has been picking rules about touching their own arms and chest wall dancing, restricting their creativity. There are also new strict space limitations on the stage where they perform. They also told us they'll continue to do their best performing for customers through the strike.