Two Arrested In Violent Burbank Home Invasion Robbery Of Elderly Woman

(FOX 11) Two men have been arrested and face charges in the brutal home invasion and attack of an 89-year-old Burbank woman.

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The woman fought back and FOX 11's Christine O'Donnell spoke to her about the arrests and how she found the strength to fight back.

"I didn't even know how strong I was. I have arthritis in my back and hands. I tried to kick him in the b****, but I couldn't reach or my leg wasn't strong enough," Geri Dickinson said from the comfort of her couch.

She may be bruised, but said she will not be broken. She was mad at herself for cutting her fingernails the day before.

"I couldn't even scratch him," Dickinson said. "The madder he got, the madder I got," Dickinson said revealing her broken collar bone.

She says her home is now equipped with a new security system and she is happy to hear about the arrests of two men from Saturday's attack.

"He said I came to take your stuff and I kept saying, I have no stuff," Dickinson said remembering how she opened the door around 8:30 p.m. after hearing a knock.

Burbank Police Sergeant Claudio Losacco says security video from a nearby home captured the suspect and a man believed to be his "getaway driver." The vehicle in the video was spotted Wednesday night in Pasadena.

Shortly after a traffic stop and car chase, 27-year-old Lonnie Garcia and 39-year-old Eddie Baca were taken into custody.

Baca faces charges for felony invasion and drug possession. Garcia, who currently faces a charge of attempted murder, recently got out of prison because of Assembly Bill 109 -- a new law that releases inmates early to reduce overcrowding.

"He's been out of custody for about a month on AB109 supervised release. If it wasn't for AB109 the gentleman would still be in custody," Losacco said.

He's the one police believe came face-to-face with a 5-foot-tall, approximately 100-pound Geri Dickinson.

"He pushed his way through the door. He pushed me against the wall, and that's when he came in," Dickinson said. "He took that chair from the living room and he threw it at me, then he through the foot stool at me. That's how all the blood got on the carpet."

"If I would have been docile, he would have ransacked the whole place," Dickinson said.

While Geri says she would do it all again, police say it's better not to fight back.

"Your stuff can be replaced, but you can't," police said.

In addition, police are investigating approximately 13 thefts from cars that happened on the same street on Tuesday night, which is the night before the two men were arrested. They're investigating both incidents but don't believe the two are related.

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