Turkey Day and Movies! (AKA: Holiday Films Don't Gobble!)

Turkey and Football go together right? Apparently, so does Turkey Day and movies! We found quite a few people carrying out a family tradition of a movie before the big feast. One dad told me it was a good way to calm the little kids down. Another said it was just another great way for the family to spend the day together.

And, the movies they were seeing ranged from the kid flick The Good Dinosaur to the umpteenth ROCKY sequel called CREED.

When Alejandro Salas walked out of one of the AMC theaters in Woodland Hills seeing Creed he was belting out intros like a boxing ring announcer.

His voice echoed in the lobby as he said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the millions watching worldwide… the thousands in attendance. Welcome to your main event!"

And, Roy Yerkes was ready to go a few rounds. When we asked how he liked the movie he said, "It was exactly what I expected. You get in there and you felt like you read the Rocky movies."

Thanksgiving Day at the movies can rake in lots of money for the film industry. Besides Creed, new films include Mockingjay Part 2 … the grand finale of the Hunger Games saga. Jennifer Lawrence's last spin as Katniss Everdeen. It's rebellion time.

12-year-old Donatella Galindo said, "It's very climatic and it does shock you." Betzaida Hernandez was shocked. She said, "It was intense. I was watching the movie the whole time" hand-clutching.

Another holiday offering - The Good Dinosaur - the PIXAR buddy film between a dinosaur and a cave kid?

But, for many moviegoers, what was tops on their list was being with family. After all, that's what Thanksgiving is all about.

At the Regency Theater in Van Nuys, Robert Lepe said he was thankful for "my family." At the AMC in Woodland Hills Shahar Gilaldi said, "I think being with family is a great joy you can have in your life."

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