Trump sign with razor blades injures person at Collin County polling site

A Trump-Pence sign with eight box cutter blades was discovered at an early voting location at Collin College on Tuesday.

The campaign sign was blocking a "vote here" sign, which prompted a volunteer to try to move it. Instead, the volunteer cut their hand on the blades glued to the bottom of the sign.

A Collin College spokeswoman said there are no cameras in the area and so far campus police have made no arrests.

Collin County Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet said he was disturbed by the dangerous political maneuver. Sherbet says he got a call early Tuesday morning, informing him that a volunteer had been injured.

"It wasn't a prank as far as it looked to me it looks like something intentional to hurt somebody," Sherbet said. "These things on the surface look one way, but you can't jump to conclusions, which is why they need to be investigated thoroughly."

Mike Rawlins, chair of the Collin County Democratic Party, agrees.

"It's kind of a new low for someone to actually do it, not to mention doing it on public property at a polling place," Rawlins said.

Collin County Republican Party Executive Director Neil Katz feels the same way.

"They were placed in front of a vote sign so someone would have to move it It's obvious intent was for someone to get cut," Katz said.

But just who the culprit is a mystery and with two days of early vote left, the Collin County elections administrator warns against finger pointing.

"In a campaign that is so hotly contested you just need to be careful," Sherbet said. "That's why law enforcement needs to look at this and see if they can find anything that could reveal the perpetrator doing something like this."