‘Truly amazing to watch’: One-armed softball player in Kansas overcomes adversity

Karlee Myers was born with one arm, but her disability doesn’t stop her from hitting the baseball field.

The high school Junior currently plays outfield for the Cherryvale Chargers in Kansas, and while she has to play the game a little differently than most, she said she has spent her whole life working at it and adapting.

"Everything that I thought I couldn’t do, I’ve just figured something out," Myers told local news outlet KOAM Sports. "I just adapted as I grew. up. My biggest difficulty I would say is just seeing how other people do everything. I had to know that I'm going to have to learn to do things different [sic] and adjust in my own way."

Angela Ewards, the team’s head coach at Cherryvale, said it’s not always easy for Myers, but staying positive is part of her personality.

"She’s probably one of the happiest kids I’ve ever known," Edwards shared, adding, "What she’s been able to do even with the limitations she has is truly amazing. I shouldn’t even say limited because it doesn’t seem to limit her that much." 

Myers noted learning to play the sport with one arm did require some experimentation on her part.

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"There was one trial and error where I would catch the ball and toss it up in the air a little bit and throw my glove down on the ground and then catch the ball and throw it, but one time I was going to do that, the ball came back and hit me in the face, so I never did that again," Myers continued. 

Edwards added, "She has it timed where she can catch a fly ball, drop the glove and immediately make the throw. it's truly amazing to watch."

Her coach revealed the student is out on the field trying every day to improve her skills.

"I just tell myself to try again. You’ll do better next time," Myers concluded. "I definitely think I could improve more. There’s always room for improvement, but yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself."

FOX News and KOAM Sports contributed to this story.