Three injured when FedEx truck slams into hotel

A FedEx truck driver missed an SUV, but couldn't avoid a building. He slammed into a hotel near LAX leaving three people hurt.

Around 6 o'clock Tuesday, the truck smashed right into the Renaissance on Airport Boulevard.

An officer on the scene says an SUV in front of the FedEx truck slammed on the brakes.

The FedEx driver swerved left into the hotel, to avoid rear ending it.

During that quick left, the officer says his passenger flew out of the truck onto the road.

The driver kept going, smashing into the hotel restaurant, injuring one person inside.

"That's really crazy - that he actually went into the building," said Debra Wallace.

Neal Buchanan was on the 10th floor but says he didn't hear a thing.

You become immune to the different noises around here with the airplanes on both sides of us," said Buchanan.

He only realized there was an accident when he came downstairs to the restaurant, but saw it was closed, because there was a truck inside.

In addition to the person inside the hotel and the passenger, the driver also had minor injuries - but they weren't bad enough for him to want to go to the hospital.

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