Three dogs wounded by BB gun shooter in Simi Valley

A 7-year-old terrier mix named "Lucky" sits behind the bars of a doggy cage in a Thousand Oaks animal hospital.

An IV attached to his left front paw. A bb wound to his abdomen. A metal ball that went into the dog and lodged between an arm and his heart." Lucky was one of three dogs shot Wednesday by someone with a bb gun.

Doctor Rachel Wallach says the bb "traveled through and up into the chest which caused damage to his lungs... internal bleeding... and required a blood transfusion. Wallach says, "And, he's still not out of the woods yet."

Vincent Bazdarich is understandably upset and numb. He can't believe someone turned his backyard into a shooting range. Lucky and Jamison are his dogs. Both were struck. His room-mate Matt Mix's dog Rocky was also attacked in their backyard Wednesday.

Mix says, "I heard the shot and came running out and I heard a yelp and I saw that he was here shaking and noticed there are a couple of bb holes right here."

But, where did they came from? Who pulled the trigger? Police Commander Roy Jones says Simi Valley Police are investigating.

Commander Jones says, "This is unusual for our city. We haven't had a rash of these in my history."

But, Dr. Rachel Wallach at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center in Thousand Oaks says what happened to Lucky, Jamison and Rocky isn't unusual at all. Though she mostly sees cats with bb injuries... "At least 100 cats... in the last two years."

Many of those may have not have been reported to law enforcement. Ventura Co Animal Control says they don't show those kind of numbers. But, it is animal cruelty and punishable by prison and/or fine if convicted.

To Wallach, "It makes me upset. I don't know why anyone - child, adult, whoever did it - would want to and would think its okay."

To Bazdarich, "The most important thing is for that for that person who did shoot my dog to come forward. That's the most important thing right now."

There is a GOFUNDME page to help with lucky's medical expenses called "Lucky's Medical Fund" if you'd like to help. LINK:

Meanwhile, if you have any information that would help investigators call Simi Valley Police.