This SoCal city has the 4th highest rent in the nation

Rent in California has always been expensive, but it's getting even worse. Rents in Glendale for example are the fourth highest in the nation.

At least, that's according to the listing portal, which compiled data from their multifamily rental property inventory for one or two-bedroom apartments, between June 2021 and June 2022.  Glendale comes in above Los Angeles and even New York City, with an average rent of $4,472 a month — a 36.32% increase in one year.

There’s no question that Glendale has seen a boom of luxury high rises, which has made the city more expensive, but Mayor Ardashes Kassakhian says the report only takes into account listings on the website. 

"If you look at other rental sites, the average rent is closer to $3000," Kassakhian said, quickly adding that the city does have great schools, is centrally located and is considered very safe which has made it very desirable in the last few years.  

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"But we need rent control," said Karen Kwak of the Glendale Tenant Union. "No rent control is the number one reason behind these spikes." 

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She says that's the case not only in Glendale but in many other cities in California. Offering relocation assistance to tenants when their rent goes up 7%, as Glendale does, is not enough, she said, adding, "Where else can people move?"

Glendale has been building low-income housing for small families and seniors, one of the city's most vulnerable populations, with 500 units supposed to come on line in the next three years. 

"We are doing what we can" Kassakhian said, but even he admits that the cost of living has exploded, and rents are just one part of that equation.