Celebrating Veterans Day: How these organizations are helping empower our vets

For many veterans living in the U.S., the transition to civilian life can be hard.

There are more than 18 million living veterans in America, comprising 6% of the country’s adult population, according to the Pew Research Center. Veterans Day is a day set aside to honor the millions of men and women who served, both during times of war and peace.

This Veterans Day, LiveNow from FOX spoke with the organizations helping to empower veterans with the resources they need to thrive after serving their country. Here’s a look at what they do.

Project DYNAMO: Veterans rescue over 6,000 Americans, pets from global danger zones

A group of veterans is continuing their mission to rescue Americans and their pets from many danger zones across the world, including the Middle East.

Project DYNAMO, a Tampa, Florida-based non-profit, launched in 2021. The veterans provide rescue and assistance in disaster areas and conflict zones in places around the world where the U.S. government doesn't have access.

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LiveNOW host Jeané Franseen talked with Bryan Stern, the founder and CEO of Project Dynamo, about their mission. You can read more about the organization here. 

Dog Tag teaches veterans how to run a business

Service-disabled veterans, their families and their caregivers have access to a program that will teach them how to run a business.

Dog Tag teaches veterans how to be entrepreneurs through business certifications from  Georgetown University in Washington, DC or Loyola University in Chicago. They put the skills they learn to use in a bakery described as a "living business school."

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LiveNow from FOX host Austin Westfall spoke with the CEO of Dog Tag, Meghan Ogilvie, and Army veteran Pete Scott to learn more about the organization. 

VA, Cherokee Nation sign historic agreement

Just in time for Veterans Day, the Cherokee Nation and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs signed a historic agreement. The tribe will provide around 1,300 square feet of leased space for a new VA Clinic, which is set to open around the new year.

The VA clinic will serve both native and non-native veterans in the Eastern Oklahoma region.

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LiveNOW from FOX host Giacomo Luca talked more with Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. about this historic agreement.

Equine assisted therapy for veterans

Havenfort Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to providing free equine-assisted therapy activities and programs to military personnel, active, reserve and veterans. 

LiveNOW Host Jeané Franseen talked more about this therapy with Rose Biro and Tim Csizmadia, the president and director of Havenfort Inc. 

Wounded Warrior Project celebrates 20 years

The Wounded Warrior Project celebrates 20 years this year. The organization has been serving post-9/11 wounded veterans, service members and their families since 2003.

LiveNOW host Mike Pache talked with Wil Williamson, vice president of connection for the Wounded Warrior Project, about the services provided by the organization. You can read more about it here. 

How the VFW helps veterans

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. is the largest and oldest war veterans service organization. 

LiveNOW host Austin Westfall talked with U.S. Army veteran and executive director of VFW Ryan Gallucci about VFW’s mission and services.