The mystery man behind those California freeway overpass signs

Ever drive down the freeway and wonder whose behind those freeway overpass signs about President Trump? Russia? Global warming? Free speech? How about this one--a new one up today? "God Bless the FBI" -- the man behind that is Patrick Randall.

But, for this man, "God Bless the FBI?" Says Randall, "It is odd… it's worth noting that I'm a left wing protestor and I'm putting up signs saying "God Bless the FBI". That's how far down the rabbit hole we've gone."

You may not have realized it, but you've been seeing his freeway overpass work for years… so have many others--from LA to San Francisco Its the same routine every time. Pick an overpass, places his sign on the fencing. He straps bungee cords behind it. He puts duck tape on the corners and walk away.

He walks to a place where he can take pictures and then posts them on his website - and social media for other to see.

That name, Patrick Randall, is an alias. A retired teacher, he's gotten death threats because even though some might agree with him there's a lot of other people who don't like what he does. He tells FOX 11, "It's funny because even thought what I do is perfectly… perfectly… legal and fine I'm still going to get people who wish me ill or police that don't understand the fine points of the constitution."

Randall started 15 years ago when George W. Bush was President. He says, "I've done over 7000... all along California, Arizona and the Northwest."

When pressed about how some might think doing what he does could be viewed as vandalism… he pushes back. Says as long as it can be removed easily without leaving a permanent mark its legal. Nonetheless, he says CalTrans is usually close behind taking down the signs he puts up.That doesn't bother him because so many will have seen the sign and gotten his message.

He used to participate in protest marches and realized once the march is over so is his message. With his freeway signs thousands drivers might see them each hour before another citizen or CalTrans removes them. But, because most people won't stop to do that, he says, the chances are a sign like his might last a day or two… or maybe longer.

Says Randall, "My theory was…. what's the greatest number of people I can reach with the minimal amount of resources? And, once I discovered it was a very high number of people (on the freeway) at a very low cost then I became driven to evangelize this."

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