The Issue Is: Sen. Kamala Harris, Gloria Allred, Tomi Lahren

This week on "The Issue Is:," -- exclusive one-on-one conversations with four women making news.

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California Senator Kamala Harris discusses her presidential campaign. She describes her strategy for winning California and what sets her apart in the presidential race.

Harris responds to the abortion restrictions being passed, explains her proposed executive actions on guns, and why she wants a federal mandate to increase teacher play.

Plus, the celebrated chef shares her favorite recipe in the kitchen.


The progressive attorney and activist shares the story of being raped in the 1960s. She was impregnated and forced to have a back alley abortion before Roe v. Wade became the law of the land.

Alllred led nationwide protests of the new abortion laws and describes a potential path forward.


The conservative FOX nation host made headlines when she wrote a commentary criticizing Alabama's abortion law as too harsh.

She reacts to the backlash against her and looks for a middle ground.

Lahren offers her perspective on immigration issues in California and plays the "name game" for presidential candidates.


California's First Partner gives us a rare one on one interview about her new film "The Great American Lie."

Newsom is exploring issues of income inequality. We also talk about why she calls herself "First Partner" and what it likes raising 4 young kids in the governor's mansion.


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