The Issue Is: Karen Bass reflects on first year in office as LA Mayor

December 12, 2022, Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-CA), having defeated opponent Rick Caruso in the November election, was sworn in as the 43rd Mayor of Los Angeles.

As the anniversary of that swearing-in approaches, Bass joined FOX 11 anchor Elex Michaelson for an extensive one-on-one on the statewide political show "The Issue Is."

Topping the discussion, the city's homeless crisis. This as new numbers suggest that the Mayor's "Inside Safe" program has spent $67 million to permanently house just 225 homeless people. Bass reacts to those figures and discusses different approaches that will likely be undertaken in year two of her administration to alleviate the crisis.

Among the myriad other topics discussed, Bass and Michaelson delve into crime and public safety, the fire under The 10 Freeway, the potential Trump-Biden rematch in 2024, the highs and lows of her first year, and Bass family holiday traditions.

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