The constitutional impact President Trump's health could have on the election

What does president Trump’s health scare mean for the upcoming election? And what does the constitution say about these kinds of situations? 

FOX 11’s Hal Eisner spoke to the experts who say things could get murky constitutionally depending on the president’s health. 

“This is going to even further shakeup a topsy turvy presidential race,” said John Heubusch, the Executive Director of the Reagan Library.
In 1981, Heubusch was working on Capitol Hill for the House Budget Committee when the news broke that President Reagan had been shot. He says people don’t realize how close he came to dying. So, when news broke of President Trump’s COVID-19 results thought about that and the current campaign and the potential impact.

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“I think it’s going to dramatically alter the course of both campaigns and there’s no doubt when historians look back on this I think this is going to be a major factor as having an impact on this presidential race,” Heubusch added.
Constitutional Law Professor Jessica Levinson says for this to happen so close to the election leaves all kinds of scenarios. They are all hypothetical but the primary option if the president cannot run...
“We will vote as usual… and it is up to the RNC… the Republican National committee to pick, if it happens, a new nominee for president,” Levinson said. 
She says the electors at the Electoral College would vote for the new Republican nominee.
“I think the bottom line is the ballots have gone out today…we’ll be voting on Monday. I would encourage them look at their ballot and make their choices and whatever the situation is with the President of the United States and the resulting things that may come as a result of that we just have to wait for that to play out,” stated Ventura County Clerk Recorder Registrar of voters Mark Lunn.