The 100th Rose Queen and her Royal Court selected in Pasadena

Seven equally talented and accomplished young women make up the 2018 Tournament of Roses Royal Court, but there can only be one Rose Queen.

Crowned the 100th Rose Queen on Wednesday evening, Isabella Marie Marez knows her new title comes with more than just a tiara and pretty dress.

"I definitely want to bring women's rights to the top of everything going on around the world," Marez said. "This court, we are really passionate about women's rights and respecting all people."

"The Rose Queens and the Royal Court have always been about making a difference and doing something special in our community," Lance Tibbet, Tournament of Roses President, said.

As a senior at La Salle High School in Pasadena, Marez is a varsity softball and golf player.

She also serves as a junior ambassador at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, but her favorite time to give back is the holidays.

"Adopt a family at La Salle High School that we do every year I love it," Marez said. "It gets you in the Christmas spirit, it brings everyone together and seeing the kids faces it's so thrilling."

Marez now joins a close knit group of former queens. Some took the stage for the 100th coronation, including the oldest surviving queen, Margaret Huntley Main, who was crowned in 1940.

"Just keep smiling, smile all the way through it," was the advice Kristina Smith, 67th Rose Queen, would give to Marez.

"Enjoy each and every moment," another former Rose Queen said. "Stay in a state of gratitude and always remain grateful and humble."

And grateful is how Marez felt tonight.

"It's such an honor," she said. "A hundred years is a very long time and it's so much tradition that I get to uphold and continue."