Tech expert reveals how to score deals on the iPhone 11

The latest iPhone models which caused an uproar on social media due to its three-eye design were made available to the public last Friday. 

There were the usual lines at Apple stores for the iPhone 11, but is the Apple store the best place to get the most for your money?

Watch as Josh Meyers, CEO for provides information to help you find the best deals. We have also detailed them for you below so you can check them out on the web. 

Before we get to the deals though, many people may ask, "Is the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max worth the upgrade?” That is an individual question but the new features Apple is pushing as upgrade worthy are night mode, a new 120-degree ultrawide angle camera, “slofies” and up to 4 hours of additional battery life over previous iPhone generations. 

How do you know if you are getting the right price? crowdsources their deals, so their users help find the best deals on products and vote on them as well.  

So, what deals are out there on the iPhone 11? Here are just a few, according to Josh Meyer, CEO of and their online community. There are trade-in deals with all carriers. Some of those include:
1.    Sprint: new lines only - free iPhone 11 with trade-in

2.    Up to 50% off with Costco, T-mobile

3.    Sam's Club - $150 Sam's Club gift card

4.    If you're looking for the lowest price and less concerned about a specific model, no contract carriers could save you money in the long run. Visible mobile has a front-page deal for on the iPhone XR - on sale $576 + $200 prepaid Mastercard, only catch is that you must port your # in for 2 bill cycles for $40 per month.