Summer travel technology to make your trips more comfortable and convenient

With summer right around the corner, we know that many of our viewers and readers will be taking vacations. Maybe it's a quick weekend getaway that you're after, or a maybe a day trip is more your speed? Well, Juan Carlos Bagnell joined us on Good Day LA to make sure you're properly equipped for those trips and even brought along some gadgets which will help you for shorter excursions like a daytrip to the beach or park. Watch the video, then check out the links below to get more info on the products Juan showed you.

RAV Power 6000mAh Filehub Plus Wireless Travel Router Portable SD Card - This device acts as portable storge, an N300 wireless router to connect to hotel ethernet and then share the connection with your entire family over wifi. It is also a SD card reader and a battery bank which can recharge your devices. There's a newer version of the device which is an AC750 router.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 - From Ultimate Ears, the BOOM 3 is a 360* sound take-along speaker with big sound, it's waterproof and floats, and is also dust and drop proof.

Hot Logic Mini - Can keep your food warm or COOK it! Seriously. It gets hot enough to fully cook chicken.

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet - Volume limiting headphones for children. The PuroQuiet Bluetooth headphones feature noise cancelling so you really don't need to turn the volume up to to drown out the outside world so it saves your children's ears. You also get active noise cancelling microphones so that your children can make phone and video calls using the headphones as well.

HyperJuice - 130W, airline safe 27000mAh battery bank, charger bundle. This battery bank with charger bundle charges lightning fast! While many other large capacity battery banks can take hours (often, overnight) to recharge, with the bundled 112W charger, you can recharge the HyperJuice in an hour. The battery pack also feautre dual USB-C charging and an 18W port which can even quick charge a MacBook Pro or any USB-C laptop/device.

Chargetech Portable Power Supply - 42,000 mAh AC Battery Pack. This is the CT-600009 and can power AC devices like lights, televisions, speakers and more. It has 2 International AC ports, 2 fast charge USB ports and one Type-C port. It's also FAA approved.

Sunjack 5W solar charger, powerbank flashlight - no outlets for a recharge, no problem. This 10,0000mAh high capacity power bank can charge smartphone and tablets at the same time with two USB outlets.