Stretch your dollar: How to save at national parks

Thinking of taking one last end-of-summer trip to a national park? 

Here are some ways to stretch your travel dollar. 

Some parks charge nothing to get in. You can see which parks offer free admission here.

All national parks also offer free admission to military service members. Just bring your proof of service. 

When your kid hits the fourth grade, they can get free admission to all national parks - plus the family too! All you need is the voucher. You can learn more about Every Kid Outdoors here.

If you plan to hit more than one park a year, maybe think about investing in an annual pass. You can use it as many times as you want, wherever you want. 

Also, remember if you camp, it's cheaper than staying in a hotel or lodge. But if you do need to stay in a hotel or lodge, pick one outside the park to save a bit more.