Street takeovers plague LA intersections: Drivers engage in dangerous stunts with fireworks, laser shows

It's a problem that continues to resurface: Street takeovers popping up in Los Angeles intersections.

Over the weekend, three South Los Angeles intersections were hit by drivers doing donuts, with passengers hanging from doors and windows of some of the cars.

In one of the videos obtained by FOX 11, fireworks were set off mid-stunt a little after midnight early Monday morning in South Los Angeles.

"I think that's a very sad situation," said Rashad, a neighbor.

The latest street takeover videos come weeks after the Compton residents declared enough is enough with these dangerous stunts. Back in mid-April, multiple Compton businesses were hit by street takeover participants who then became looters.

Videos that made rounds on social media back in April 2023 showed a massive crowd of people kicking down the door of a gas station near the intersection of Alondra Boulevard and South Central Avenue and then snatching items off the shelves.

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"The rest of us have been having to live with these street takeovers, that's one think, but now they're violent and we can't have that," said resident Tia Walker earlier in the year.

"It's getting out of control and law enforcement is saying they can't control it because they are understaffed. So maybe we should seek other resources," said resident Cindi Enamorado earlier in the year.

Enamorado's brother Raymond was killed while crossing the street after a street takeover earlier.

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