Stolen French bulldog reunited with family a day after Ladera Heights attack

Bruno, the stolen French bulldog, is back with his family about a little over a day after the pup's family was attacked by a group of thieves in Ladera Heights.

This comes as Stefan Becker, the dog dad, was attacked by a group of masked men while he and Bruno were out on a routine walk early Wednesday morning.

The attack left Becker bruised, but left him feeling extremely worried for the missing French bulldog.

On Thursday, Becker called FOX 11 to deliver the good news: Bruno is safe! FOX 11's crews are heading to the family's home to capture the heartwarming reunion with Bruno.

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As of Thursday evening, no arrests have been announced in Bruno's disappearance and the attack on Becker.

This is a developing story. Stay with FOX 11 News for the latest.