Starving Puppy Possibly Dumped

A puppy, found starved and possibly dumped, is now getting the care he needs.

"It was brutal, almost hard to pet him. All the bones were sticking out," said Jackie Yantis, who worked to get the little lab-pit mix to a rescue.

Little Dio was 20 pounds when he was found on Moreland Avenue in Atlanta. The veterinarian told his rescuers the dog was severely underweight and should be 40 pounds by this time.

A rescue worries Dio was dumped in the area by neglectful owners.

"To see a puppy that was that small and starving, was pretty horrific," said Kara McArthur with A Welcome Home Animal Rescue, an organization that rescues and cares for these dumped animals. "There's been a lot of dumping in Atlanta with cats and dogs. It's pretty bad this year."

Dio has heartworms and other medical issues, and the community held a fundraiser Thursday night at local Milltown Arms Tavern to raise funds for his care. Costs can run up to $1,500.

"He's going to be a great dog," Yantis said.

Donations for Dio can be made online through A Welcome Home Animal Rescue's website: