'Star Wars' fan braves the cold, camps outside DC theater days early for 'Rogue One' premiere

One year ago, many "Star Wars" fans were camping outside movie theaters across the country for the premiere of "The Force Awakens." Now, "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" is hitting theaters this week.

While this latest film is not generating the extreme anticipation compared to last year, one devoted fan is making sure he still claims the best seat in the house this year.

Just like last year, David Casterline has set up camp outside of the Uptown Theater in Washington D.C. He arrived here Tuesday morning in order to watch the first screening of the new film on Thursday.

Despite more movie theaters now offering the option of selecting and reserving your seat when buying tickets, this particular theater has special meaning to Casterline.

"It's just become a tradition," he said. "I have been doing it since 2005 for [Star Wars] Episode III. This theater has history behind it. It played the original [Star Wars] in '77 so I just want to keep doing it."

What prime seat will he choose when he gets inside?

"Last year I did the very top balcony center, so I'm thinking bottom back row this year," he said.

Unfortunately for Casterline, the D.C. region is expected to get hit by a wave of arctic air starting late Wednesday night into Thursday. But he has come prepared.

"I'm wearing about three layers of everything right now," Casterline said. "I got blankets and a sleeping bag. It's going to be cold but I think I'll do fine."