Woman allegedly kicked off Spirit Airlines flight after staff mistook eczema for monkeypox

A woman claims Spirit Airlines kicked her out of a flight after her skin condition was mistaken for a possible monkeypox case.

The woman, identified as @jacqueline.ngu on TikTok, posted on social media saying she has never "been so humiliated" in her life after the alleged experience. The video has since gone viral, generating more than 350,000 interactions on TikTok.

The woman explained airline staff told her to "get off the plane in front of everyone" along with her wife. She claimed she was questioned over her skin condition and was asked to provide medical documents to prove it was eczema. The woman said she has had that skin condition her entire life.

"[Misinformation] leads to discrimination," she wrote in the social media caption.

The woman added the hashtag #monkeypox, hinting that was the condition staff mistook the would-be passenger of having.

Following the now-viral post, the woman issued a separate post on TikTok, telling viewers she and her wife were both able to re-board the flight. She said was able to make her case after showing her prescription-strength eczema cream out her persons.

FOX 11 has reached out to Spirit Airlines and is awaiting comment.