Specific brain activity could be linked to Christmas spirit

Anyone who has to refrain from decorating the Christmas tree as soon as Halloween decorations are put away may be interested in new research from Copenhagen University.

A small study of 20 participants shows some people's brains may be hard-wired with the Christmas spirit.

The researchers conducted a small study with 10 people who do, and 10 people who don't, celebrate Christmas.

Participants were shown festive images while their brain activity was measured in MRIs.

The researchers said five areas in the brain, linked with spirituality and physical senses, were more active for those who celebrate the holiday than in those who did not.

The study was published in the Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal.

While the authors said the findings were interesting, they admitted further research on a much larger group would be needed.

More research would also be needed to see if the activity was a sign of sustained Christmas spirit, or if it was activated for another reason.