Special Mother’s Day celebration with a family that is grateful for the simple things

The Nawathe Family of West LA is like so many families all across Southern California. They've made plans for Mother's Day. There's talk of a Sunday dinner, surprises from the children ( 9-year-old Vihaan and 6-year-old Arya) for their mom, and excitement at being together.

But in many ways their story is different. Pooja and Amar are mom and dad at home and Doctors Nawathe at work. Their jobs demanding in normal times, have taken on an even more critical role during the pandemic. We sat outside, masks on, at a safe distance to discuss what life is like during this crisis. Both doctors treat COVID 19 patients. They spoke with a quiet conviction about their duty to help patients battling this highly contagious virus. "This is what we do."

The children are very young and being home schooled during the stay at home order. They were disappointed their maternal grandmother couldn't be there for Mother's Day as planned. It was of course too dangerous for her to travel from India. The boys showed me the card they made for their grandmother and we listened in on their FaceTime.

I asked the boys if they talked about the virus much at home. They said... " No, we talk about happy things."

But they both seemed aware their parents were on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle. In the sweetest moment I've encountered in a very long time, the boys opened up to me as only kids can. Little Arya told me of his mom, "She fought for the Corona Virus and made no complaint... she cuddles us a lot." Big brother, Vihaan said.

"To us, she is our home."

Thank you to the Nawathe Family for allowing us into your home. And thank you for the sacrifice you are making during this health crisis.  And to Dr. Pooja Nawathe and all the moms Happy Mother's Day!