Fetus with umbilical cord attached left near trash can at South El Monte park

A fetus with an umbilical cord attached was found in a South El Monte park Friday morning. 

Deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department were called to Whittier Narrows Park in the 1200 block of Lerma Road, located off Merced Avenue around 8. a.m. 

A man discovered the tiny body next to a trash can. 

"The baby appears to be between 6 to 7-months gestational period. It does have an umbilical cord attached to it as well as a placenta," said Lt. Hugo Reynaga with the LA County Sheriff's Department. 

The baby was a boy. 

The area is clean, with no signs of blood, suggesting someone brought the premature baby and left it there. 

It is unknown if the baby was alive before being discovered; if the baby was alive the mother could have surrendered the baby at any hospital or fire station. One fire station is less than a mile from the park. 

The sheriff's department brought out a bloodhound to track down the person who left the baby. It is a crime to abandon a child, but officials say there is concern for the mother's well-being as well. 

SkyFOX flew over a death investigation in South El Monte on Friday, April 28.

Those with information about the incident are asked to contact the LASD Homicide Bureau at 323-889-5500.