SoCal's multi-agency task force cracks down on dangerous street takeovers

A task force consisting of Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies, California Highway Patrol and Los Angeles Police Department officers netted 21 arrests and 13 vehicle impounds on Sunday night.

The multi-agency task force coordinated efforts to combat dangerous street takeovers across Southern California.

You've seen the wild scenes of young drivers taking over an intersection to perform dangerous stunts.

People have been hurt and even killed. One viral video shows a spectator on fire. 

Deputy Miguel Meza, the public information officer for the LA County Sheriff's Department, was on the scene during the crackdown.

He explained how they saw a group of cars meeting up at an intersection and possibly preparing to take over the street. To prevent such incidents the task force has been blocking off roads to stop the takeover crews.

In addition to the arrests and vehicles confiscated for 30 days, 34 citations were issued. 

LAPD Sgt. Kevin Alhlemeir emphasizes that the task force constantly evaluates where these street takeovers are taking place and work with different agencies to combat and end these dangerous activities.