Small raccoon makes big climb up skyscraper in downtown St. Paul

A raccoon who caused a stir on social media Tuesday afternoon after it started scaled an office building in St. Paul--reaching up to 23 stories before stopping to groom herself and, apparently, take a nap on a ledge--made it to the roof and was captured by wildlife officials.

The raccoon was stranded on the ledge of Town Square building near the skyway over 7th Street for two days, according to Minnesota Public Radio reporter Tim Nelson. Building maintenance got it off the ledge on Tuesday morning, but rather than heading down, the raccoon started scaling the building next door.

Christina Valdivia with Wildlife Management Services said the company had been called to address the raccoon before she even started climbing the building. The raccoon had been on the loading dock eating pigeon eggs.

"When we got there, I believe that the raccoon had been scared up and so that's why it started to start climbing because it was afraid of what was occurring and so that's why it started climbing," Valdivia said.

The raccoon made it to the 23rd floor, where she stayed for several hours.

Wildlife Management Services workers put wet cat food and live traps on the roof of the building for the raccoon if she ever made it to the top. Around 2:30 a.m., the raccoon scaled the top of the UBS building and the experts were there to capture it.

The saga made international headlines. St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter said the happy ending was good publicity for the city.

"I think if anything this proves St. Paul is the place to take a risk and reach great heights," Carter said.

The raccoon was released on a private residential property in the southwest suburbs of the Twin Cities metro Wednesday afternoon after consulting with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota.