Skid Row Running Club: Transforming lives of former addicts

They used to run from the law, now they run with the law.

People experiencing homelessness and recovering addicts have been running with Judge Craig Mitchell for the last seven years.

He started the program with the hopes of transforming lives.

"It certainly provides a great balance for me as a judge to realize that in a different setting the same people that I sent to state prison or to county jail, with the right supportive services in a different context, their lives can be rebuilt," Mitchell said.

Mitchell trains members of the group to run marathons all over the world. They've done several including in Vietnam, Rome and Africa.

Now, many people from all walks of life have joined the group. They run twice a week early in the morning through the streets of LA. Taking in the Kodak route, including landmarks like the Disney Concert Hall, The Broad Museum, City Hall and the LAPD headquarters.

The runs during the week range from three and a half miles to five miles. On the weekends, they run up to 13 miles.