Singer/Rapper Makes His Tourettes A Part Of His Music

Bingx was living out of a back-pack when he was "discovered." Quick with his words, you might be surprised to learn he has tourettes syndrome.

To this day he lives with distracting ticks and eye movements. He says in school he was bullied and laughed at by other kids. He turned his attention to songwriting. He says his ticks tied to tourettes actually become a part of his music. Bingx has written over 400 songs. One talks of the bullying he suffered as a kid.

Bingx is from Seattle. His real name is Chanler Hendrickson. He was in the military and is a father to a young son.

He's often compared to rapper Eminem in looks and style. Bingx is quick to chime in that he raps AND sings.

Bingx is tied to CaviGold Records. He's the first rapper attached to the label which started with rock music.

Bingx is on tour with his new album W.O.R.D.S. He has a show in Los Angeles on Wednesday, November 18 at Los Globos on Sunset.

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