'Shark Shack' teaches beachgoers about shark safety in time for summer

If you still hear the music of Jaws in the back of your head every time you get in the ocean, this is definitely for you!

A Shark Pop Up, courtesy of the folks at the renowned CSULB Shark lab, is popping up all over Southern California to help swimmers understand how to share the ocean with sharks without getting hurt.

Yes, great whites live off our coast, and yes, there are things you can do if you run into a shark in the water, and NO, splashing and running out screaming is not necessarily the best option -- unless you want the shark to think you are a yummy, wounded fish that it should check out.

You can even watch a video explaining what to do, from the experts at the Shark Lab: www.csulb.edu/shark-lab.

More important, you can see why sharks are necessary for the health of the ocean ecosystem, and understand why humans are not their favorite food. Hint: try not to look like a seal.

Happy, safe swimming this summer!