Several gather in Huntington Beach for 'Recall Gavin Newsom' rally

As the pandemic continues to push people back indoors, business owners say it's pushing them out ... out of business.

And a lot of people say that's why it's time to recall Governor Newsom. Several people gathered in Huntington Beach for a rally Saturday. 

At the foot of the Huntington Beach pier, holler residents – fed up with the Governor.

“Honestly, I have to say, I voted for Gavin Newsom and things have just gotten so bad in California and the level of lockdown, I’m certain has hurt and will continue to hurt way more people than the virus – the child abuse, suicide, now kids aren’t going to go back to school,” said Recall Newsom Volunteer Kristen Krofina.

Several volunteers have been gathering signatures as part of a movement they helped start called “Recall Gavin 2020.”

“We need 2.1 million signatures statewide by November 17th and if we get those signatures we have the right to recall the Governor, take him out of office, have a special election, put someone else in there,” said organizer Hela Kammoun. 

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Most of the protestors on the corner of PCH and Main are part of “Recall Gavin…” – the campaign says it’s unaffiliated with a political party. But across the street roar Trump supporters and on a third corner, people stood with “Black Lives Matter” signs. 

Others try to make a living, but nervous to be out in public.
“I am here and feel somewhat guilty that I shouldn’t be here. I have sanitizer and am trying to do everything that I am supposed to do. I need the money so that’s why I’m here but at the same time, I need to do it responsibly,” stated Huntington Beach resident Magdalena Krutsky.

Recall Gavin supporters say the virus does not outweigh the economic turmoil.

“You can’t just because of the virus shut the whole economy down. This is going to take years and years and years for us to come back. The economy is going downhill. You may not see it right away, but it is coming,” said Kammoun. 

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