Senator Kamala Harris calls for suspension of credit card penalties and fees during coronavirus crisis

As Americans struggle to make ends meet during the coronavirus outbreak, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is calling for a suspension of credit card interest payments, penalties, and fees.

“16 million people are out of a job just in the last few weeks,” Harris told FOX 11’s Elex Michaelson on “The Issue Is.” “A lot of folks don’t have savings and are going to end up having to pay for groceries on their credit cards, and no one should be profiting off their desperation to be able to feed their children and be able to get through the end of the month.”

Harris also called on credit reporting to be suspended 120 days.

This, as many out-of-work Americans who want to pay their bills, and have a history of doing so, won’t be able to. That inability could wreak havoc on credit scores.

“Once someone’s credit score gets a negative rating, it can take a lifetime to repair,” the California Senator said. “We should be putting people in a position where when this pandemic is over they can get back on their feet, and have a life where they can be healthy and successful, both physically and financially.”

Beyond a suspension of credit card interest penalties and fees, Senator Harris joined some 50 Democratic lawmakers seeking increased direct relief for struggling Americans.

Following the $1,200 relief payment in last month’s CAREs Act, the lawmakers are hoping to distribute recurring monthly payments throughout the pandemic.

“Until we get through this crisis, we need to make sure that people don’t completely fall down in terms of their ability to meet their monthly essential obligations, like feeding their children and paying their rent," Harris said.

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