Search for suspect continues after construction worker killed

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The search continues Tuesday for the masked gunman wearing a hard hat who shot a construction site worker to death Monday in the City of Industry before vanishing.

The location is an industrial park where construction workers were remodeling some buildings and building a couple of new ones from scratch. In one, about 50 people did their work in a place described as so noisy gunshots could have sounded like hammer pounding.

At 9:35am Deputies were called to the work-site in the City of Industry on a shooting call and all day a parade of workers walked one-by-one into a Sheriffs Command Post describing what they heard and saw.

"It was scary," one construction told FOX 11 News. Eddie Sanchez said he heard "3 booms and then everybody started running toward the back" of the construction site in the 14,000 block of Nelson.

Lt. Derrick Alfred said, "He was pretty much disguised in a hard hat and a mask to blend in with the other construction workers. Looks like he actively sought out our victim. He found the victim. He shot the victim. And, then in the ensuing retreat from all the workers in getting out of the area… he left."

With no vehicle or physical description, no weapon recovered and an unknown direction of travel this became a head scratcher.

Adds Alfred, "It was very quick. Several shot were fired. The victim was struck. No attempts were made to shoot anybody else or assault anybody else. So, this isn't any type of workplace violence where somebody who was simply trying to target construction workers. This appears right now with the little information that we have that our suspect was actually looking for this victim."

Now detectives tell us techs in the Sheriffs Department are pouring over video from security cameras hoping to get some clues, but they say, that might be tough because everyone is wearing what construction workers and singling out the killer might not be easy.