School Standouts: Special education teacher integrates mindfulness, yoga to benefit students

There is a zen and peaceful revolution happening at Frank E. Woodruff Elementary in Bellflower, California.

Cindy Weeks is an amazing special education teacher at the school and she not only educates her students but she is literally giving them the tools they need to lead a well-balanced and successful life. How? Through mindfulness and yoga.

After noticing some of her students were having a difficult time concentrating in the classroom and connecting on the playground, Ms. Weeks took it upon herself to find a solution.

So one day while shopping at The 99 Cent store, she noticed a yoga tape for kids and instantly knew that’s exactly what her kids needed. Although it took many years for her free program to get off the ground, Ms. Weeks went out and got yoga certified and transformed her classroom into a sacred and safe place for her kids to practice mindfulness. It was an instant success!  

Three times a week, Ms. Weeks offers yoga and mindfulness sessions before school for students, teachers and parents. Ms. Weeks leads the group through guided mindfulness and yoga poses. 

At the end of each session, everyone sets a positive intention before leaving. Not only are the parents calm and confident as they leave their children for a day of learning, but teachers and administrators who face the challenges of a busy school day leave feeling calm and content.

Most importantly though, the students begin their day with a calm mind and positive energy and it’s all because of Ms. Weeks.

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