Sarasota woman arrested for running alleged drug flop house

Sarasota County deputies made another arrest at a home they say is known for it's drug activity. Across the street, children play at Bee Ridge Park.

"That is disturbing. It makes us not want to walk past by the house because you never know those people are desperate and they will do anything," said Connie Duncan.

The arrest at the home off South Lockwood Ridge Road comes a week after deputies arrested the homeowner, Danielle Baggett. They said her home had become a well known "flop house" for anyone wanting to do drugs.

Since August, deputies have been to this home 33 times responding to wanted persons, drug arrests and disputes. The most serious calls have been for overdoses on heroin and fentanyl.

Reports show seven overdoses at the home since August. Baggett herself overdosed on March 21, according to arrest records.

"For a person to maintain a house like this, where we've had seven overdoses, is a problem," said Lt.Brian Gregory.

Lieutenant Brian Gregory with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office said it's part of a bigger problem. Heroin has a grip on Sarasota County.

The number of overdoses and deaths this year are outpacing last year's numbers as deputies try even harder to find solutions.

"We are trying to prevent these things from happening because people are dying," said Lt.Gregory.

Back at Bee Ridge Park, Connie Duncan watches with a hopeful, yet cautious eye as deputies cleanup the house.

"It's dangerous for the neighborhood, but it's dangerous for the park and this is where we want our youth to come," she said.

Duncan said the change can't happen quickly enough.

"I'm 32 years in recovery from alcohol and drugs. I've lived in a way not like that, but like that so I'm not tolerate of it at all. I say put an end to it," she said.

Baggett was charged with maintaining a public nuisance. She has bonded out of the Sarasota County jail. Deputies said their investigation continues and more charges could be coming.