Santa Monica City's Phil Brock turns tables on homeless man who attacked him at 3rd Street Promenade

Santa Monica City Councilman Phil Brock turned the tables on a homeless man who tried to attack him in broad daylight.

Brock was targeted by a homeless man who was acting belligerent at the Third Street Promenade Sunday afternoon.

The attack stemmed from the homeless man leaving a mess at the Santa Monica hotspot.

"The man was tearing fliers off of a boarded-up storefront, throwing them on the ground," Brock said. "And I said, ‘Excuse me, sir, can you put that in our trash can right over there?’ And then he exploded with bad language."

Brock claims the man tried to steal his hat three times. The homeless man shoved him after the Councilman called 911.

Brock not only stopped the homeless man, he also kept him down on the ground until police arrived to handcuff the suspect.

"He threw some sort of liquid on me," Brock said of the incident.